Monday, September 16, 2013

to hold in your anger

On the last blog I wrote how we classify our anger. Yesterday I read the subsequent report. The title is how to hold in your anger.  The report says "not to compare anything with others". Yes, yes, Since I can remember, I've been heard this phrase. But I know it's difficult. And the report also says, not to compare with others, you should throw away an obsession with things.
It's easy to write, though it's difficult to write in English.

This idea comes from ZEN which is a kind of Buddhism.
1. Not to seek to be perfect and try to do what you want to do for the sake of it
2. Try to appreciate and be satisfied with every thing you are gotten
3. Not try to think you are always right
4. let insults and so on pass without noticing
5.Sometimes it's better to let it go
6.Not to chase a dog's wagging tail, you should pursue yourself.

(I hope all sentences make sense.)

And if you get angry, you should take a pose and mumble a phrase you decided like "thank you" or " I'm OK".

 Well, do you know that I have one phrase I've decided when I talk to my mother. It is " SOUNANDA" which means "I see, or I agree with you". When I have to talk with my mother, I write this phrase on my palm. Because I tend to deny her talking or give her a lesson.
And these days my daughters tend to deny me when they talk with me.

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