Sunday, October 20, 2013

I was OK, but I was bad, and now I'm OK.

Everyday the weather changes like my condition.
I did all jobs last week, and Saturday early morning ( Yuki and I left home at 5:30) we went to  NIKO to see autumn leaves. Though it was too early to enjoy colorful leaves, we enjoyed autumn.

We saw two falls, one was calm, and the other was dynamic.
We went back home at 9:00. Yuki went to play tennis. I was -- in bed. My dizziness had started again.
Fortunately  I was not so bad, so in the evening I was watching TV.
At night I god really bad, so I canceled Sunday's event, and Yuki also canceled his golf game.
He took me a hospital. I was put on drip.
So I got fine. and I got so hungry that we went to our favorite restaurant. We had delicious pork pot-au-feu.
Yes I have a good appetite. So I'm OK.
In the afternoon, I talked with a friend via SKYPE. The main theme was menopause.
Sometimes my condition gets bad, but it can't be helped. When I'm fine I enjoy my life as much as I can.
I'll enjoy next week  again like this week!

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