Monday, October 07, 2013


Though it's fall in Japan, according to the weather report it will be hot like summer again today.
It's really difficult (or impossible) for me to adjust to this unstable weather.

However, Halloween season has come.
I already got orange pumpkins. I know for  you it's a usual thing that pumpkins are orange. But for Japanese KABOCHA or squashes are green, so orange pumpkins are not so familiar. So some small students said "pumpkins are really orange, aren't they" when they saw them.
We'll carve them the end of month, because they started to rot as soon as they are carved. So for a while we enjoyed drawing pictures.
Yesterday Yuki and I trimmed trees in the garden, and organized the garden. We have still some lemon grasses, but most of herbs are gone.
I love fall.


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