Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A talkshow by a woman

I participate to a talk show by a woman, she talked about her life for 2 hours.
It was interesting. She is around 65 years, nevertheless she wore heels. Though she came from TOKYO by bullet train, I don't know she was wearing heels in the train. She might have changed her shoes for her talk show.

Who is the woman? She is a mother of a famous Japanese singer. But she didn't talk about the singer, didn't talk about the way to bring him up. She just talked how she managed to overcome some difficult situations. And she suggest you should praise yourself a lot.
I've heard such a story.

Close your eyes, and imagine to put a wonderful (wine) glass in front of you. Try to fill the glass with compliments for yourself.
I think Japanese people or I am not good at praising myself. I sometimes hear this phrase, but I forget soon. So it was a good time to consider myself.

To tell the truth for me it was more interesting to listen to additional talk.
She said to women who are busy in doing mother's job. "Please enjoy the time with your kids, it's not so long than you think."
And she said to women who graduated from mother's job, "Please live for yourself".

Though I don't know her real life, but she seems to live "alone". Though she is popular as a singer's mother, she doesn't seem to keep contact with him so often.  So in good meaning and in bad meaning, the phrase "living for yourself" was very convincing.

She also said that when we try to depart for another place, some people leaves move away, but you meet new people.
Those who come are welcome, those who leave are not regretted.
I know this phrase, but it's sometimes difficult to do it. I tend to chase people who leave me.

Additionally I grinned to myself when she said ----
"If you get stuck at home, anyway you go out with one bill (it means 1000 yen). And for a while you keep walking. Probably you feel tired after you walk for one-meter (it means a minimum fee of taxi). So you get a taxi, go home, take a shower, have some drink and go to bed to ignore your family."
Probably it is her one of experiences. BUT--- here in Utsunomiya, we can't get a taxi on the street.

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