Saturday, December 07, 2013

December has come

Have you finished decorating your house for Christmas?
Can you see a cookie tree? ( I don't know a correct word.) I bought it at a sweet shop, and put it on the shelf in the entrance hall. It really caught the eyes of my students. We'll eat it the last week in December .

This month I seem to be busy. This month two special workshops are going to be held (to celebrate Christmas? or to reconsider this year?)
And I also do Christmas events at nursery schools. I already did it twice. I'm going to go more two nursery schools to read Christmas English picture books.
And I also hold a small Christmas concert at KARAKU tea room.
And a men, who are Turkey, stayed with us about 15 years ago, and this spring came to Tokyo as Turkey government official will visit us to celebrate Christmas together. We had lots of young foreigner guests , and he moved up the ladder the most highly among our guests.

Anyway I hope I'll make it. To tell the truth I cancelled today's meeting because of headache. Today Yuki stays home, and he "is going to" cook (easy and quick) dinner for us. Until dinner time I'll read a book.

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