Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year is just around the corner.

I put away Christmas ornaments, and put New Year's ornaments.
We finished Christmas with disjointing our Christmas cookie tree.

How "was" your the year of 2013?

The biggest event  for us was our younger daughter's marrige.
I often write about my empty-nest symptom. But this time I found her indevendence.
And this New Year's vacation, she will come back with her husband --- for me -- it's a little bit troublesome. It means we wellcome the couple as a kind of guest.

The next thing was that I could join some interesting workshops, like mind-map, vission-map, like that.
There I met people who are in their verious generation. It made me inspired and made me confusued. It's comfertable to be in an inner circle, but I want to have connection with outside world.

And the thrid thing was anyway my bad health condition. Though it's my favorite phrase "it can't be helped", anyway I often have feeling that I don't want to do anything. Thanks of my English classes, or because of my English classes, anyway I have done something. I don't know whether it's good for me to continue my English classes.

And the forth thing was that I have been keeping this blog. It 's amazing though my English skill seems not to be imrpoved. Writing something in Englihs makes my brain clearly. And my readers inspire me. Thanks to my readrs.

I wish your New Year!

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