Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HINA festival

HINA festival is on March 3. It is the day to wish for girl's growth and happiness.  Most families, mainly families which have girls, celebrate the day with decorating HINA dolls.
This is my entrance. Main dolls were used to be my mother's. The round dolls were presented by my grand mother. Woody dolls were made by my daughters when they were little. Other paper dolls were presented by nursery school students.

    Today I went to UJIIE town. There many old HINA dolls remain, and the owners show them during this season to attract tourists.
These doll are made about 200 years ago.
These dolls are another type. It's called TURUSHI BINA, haning dolls.

AND this set is an original in TOCHIGI. TOCHIGI is famous for strawberries, so they are strawberry dolls.

These are flower dolls, dolls clothes are made by flowers.
I had a good day.


Helen said...

Lovely! I've never seen the flower dolls before. I don't think we have the hanging dolls in Shonai area...not sure though!

My city usually displays many dolls around the Girl's Festival day. They are in restaurants and museums. It's lovely!

Today I sent a Hina display postcard to my niece in Canada. I don't think she's seen one of the displays before so I hope she likes it.

Mieko said...

THanks for your comment, Helen. I'm not sure where hanging dolls are familier. To tell the truth I didn't know them untill recently. However these days it's getting popualr.
You should come here next year to see them.