Monday, February 03, 2014

Three anchors

The other day I attended a workshop about coaching. It was really interesting.
The lecture was a woman who was almost as old as I.
She introduced the word "anchor". And she said "to make yourself calm, if you have three anchors, it's easy to do it."
The first anchor is to recall when you worked hard and made it.
The second anchor is to recall when you enjoyed
The third anchor is to recall when you relaxed.
Is it easy for you to recall all situations?

It wasn't easy for me.
The first anchor was easy.
I learned a lot about kid's English method
I made a speech as the head of PTA when I was busy at mother's duties.
I succeeded a project when I worked hard at an electronic company as an engineer.
I studied hard to enter into a university.

How about you?

The second anchor was --- I needed time  for a while to think about.
I enjoy talking  with some  of my friends -- in my mind there are three friends.
How about you?

The third anchor was difficult. So I asked my husband Yuki.
He said " you definitely relax  when you are reading a book "in" the bed".
How about you?

I also asked  Yuki his anchors.
(The other day he went work out) I did 20 squat, it was his first anchor.
I enjoy golfing. it was his second anchor.
And he also asked about his third anchor.
So I said "You completely relax when you watch TV  with a glass of beer while dozing off.

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