Monday, February 10, 2014

We had heavy snow this weekend.

This weekend we had heavy snow. Fortunately it was Saturday, so Yuki didn't need to go to work. And he "couldn't" go playing tennis on Saturday, and he "couldn't" go playing golf on Sunday.

It was snowing and windy. We huddled in the room all the day.  We made "hot" curry noodle for lunch..
And we were watching TV, though Yuki was working with his computer.
At night, it was still snowing, but we decided to go out to a nearby small restaurant. It takes about 3minutes there on foot. And it's Yuki's favorite restaurant, and he is familiar with the master. We knew it was open in despite of the bad weather, we expected no one would come there.

So we decided to surprise the master.
==== but it was crowded. Fortunately we got seats. (20 minutes later 4 customers came, but they couldn't get seats.)

Next day it was sunny, but the snow piled up high. So it was time for men.
All  male neighbors went out to shovel the snow. They seldom meet, but on such a snow day it's a valuable opportunity to communicate each other.

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