Monday, March 17, 2014

Last weekend

How was your last weekend?
This weekend, my elder daughter is going to hold a group exhibition in Tokyo.
Before going to see it, Yuki and I went to two art museums.
One is Utsunomiya Art Museum. They are holding an exhibition to introduce artists who lives in Utsunomiya. Some of them are our acquaintances, and used to be our daughters' teachers.
A few of them can earn their livings with their works, but most of them have another job to earn money, though they are called "a professional artist". And some of them sell their works mainly in Tochigi, and  a few of them ignore Utsunomiya as a market, sell their works abroad. So some of them are popular as local artists in Utsunomiya, on the other hand, a few of them are not known in Utsunomiya even though they are  a little bit famous abroad.
And we went to another museum, in OYAMA which is next to Utsumoyia city. It is KURUMAYA Art Museum.
The artists are active in Japan. One of them live in KANUMA which is also next to Utsunomiya. I didn't know about him. It means he isn't a local artist. (It might be popular in Kanuma.) You can see all works on this hompage.
All of works are very interesting.
It's a public art museum, so they don't sell their works, but the homepages of each artists are introduced.
Let me record them for myself.
Fresco by TSUJINO GOU: glass works
Misao-Yajima; plates 
Toomoko Soda; hats
AFLO+ ;accessory
LA+h by Otani Keiki: cloths http://lath-/
M pattern ;furniture
Ayako Sano; accessory
RYo Chohasi furniture
Hajime Tamura; pottery
Kuri Botella; socks
Fuki+Fushikino l clothes
Akira Higashi; toys and sculptures.
Maho JunHarada; cups
Morie Yorigami ; furniture
Junko Yoshida ; glass
Coova; clothes
Takashi Oyama glass living in KANUMA

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