Monday, March 24, 2014

TOMOMI's group exhibition

Since I updated this blog, one week has passed. This weekend Yuki and I went to TOKYO to visit  "Paper work exhibition" organized our elder daughter T.

It was a nice exhibition. This time we finally met Mr.I who is Turkey. When he was  in his 20's, he came to JAPAN, and stayed with us. And since this spring he has worked in Japan as an official. Now he is in his 40's. Of course he got promoted and we aged. Three of us visited T's exhibition, and four of us had lunch together.
On the other hand Ms.M is to return to GABON. She completed her Utsunomiya university. So Yuki and I had dinner with her. Unfortunately she couldn't find a job here in Japan. So she decided to return to GABON. While she continues her research, she becomes a teacher at a university in GABON. It must be the best choice for her. Additionally she is going to marry with her fiance in a year. Congratulations!
In March, I had a lot of opportunities to meet various people. It was exciting, and talking with them made me rethink myself.  ---- I know no one is same. Every one has a different background. I know, I know. Though it's important to know verious life styles, it's sometimes difficult for me to adjust to them.

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