Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What are good points to scold someone?

These days every one says it's better to praise than to scold. I understand it, every one is very happy to hear words to be praised.
Every thing has both sides of good points and bad points.

What are good points to scold someone?
If we were  small kids, when we  were scolded, we could understand what is right or wrong clearly.
It means, we, adults have to scold kids when they did wrong things.
If we were were teenagers, when we were scolded, we could find out our week points.
In this case, we, adults have to scold them  while  we have to encourage them.

While I'm writing this blog, I'm thinking when was I scolded recently?
When I see my daughters, we often have a quarrel, and they often complain about me. But I'm not scolded. On the other hand, I think I give a good advice to them, they might think they would be scolded.
Yuki also sometimes complains about me, but I'm not scolded. I'm me. On the other hand, I often complains about Yuki's daily chores, he might think he would be scolded. But, when I complain, Yuki sometimes changes his attitude to do daily chores. So it's not bad to complain.

I remembered when I was scolded. Yuki and I god in trouble for touching the panel of air conditioner at N's house.  It was completely our fault. I say again "sorry J&N".

Well, what difference is there between "scold" and " get in trouble". "Scold" hears more seriously.

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