Friday, April 11, 2014


Now it's already in the middle of April,isn't it?
This week I went to play the piano at KARAKU, which is a tea room.  There were beautiful cherry blossoms along the street in front of KARAKU, so many people came to seethe cherry blossoms, and dropped by KARAKU. It means that KARAKU was full of people. For me it was unusual. And the larger audience made my spirits uplift. Here I got some requests, which are Japanese old songs. Fortunately I remembered, so I could play them. Most of people there were elderly people, the oldest woman was 80. They seemed to really enjoy listening to Japanese old songs. I'm sure I gave an uplift in spirits to the people. And looking their wonderful smile made me also happy.
(Jan, are these sentences correct? I tried to use the words I learnt from you.)

And this week I had many guests in turn. On Monday, I went to visit a friends' house with this lunch. In Japan, many people cook beans, and foreigners are surprised to tasting "sweet" beans. But these days salty beans salad is getting popular. I love beans salad.

On Wednesday, and Thursday my friends came to have lunch together.
I cooked oranges again, and baked milk biscuits.
And I also made tortellini's salad.

One friend talked to me about her daughters and her grand child. She has enjoyed her life as a mother and a grand mother.
Another friend who get married but no child, talked to me about her job and a travel plan. She has enjoyed her life.
Though we don't need compare their lives, they are completely different.
In my case, probably I'm doing a halfway job, while I'm doing a halfway mother's job. (I don't know what the suitable way to discribe my stutiation. This sentence doesn't include negative attidute.)
It's me. So two different types of people came to my house in turn. It's fun.
Well today I'll go to a jym for a workout. There I'll meet another friend who is hooked on training.

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