Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Picture books in April

April has come. This year Easter is in April. It's interesting that Easter is not fixed. Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon in March, isn't it? So this year I'm going to do Easter events next week.
This is one of books to read in April.
There are one or two sentences in each page, so it's easy to read for anyone, and the contents are clear.
You might know the author "Ruth Krauss".
Probably the most well-know book is "the carrot seed".

I have other two her books, so I read them again.
I remember now, when I read this book to kids, I presented some seeds to them. Did they plant them?
And I also remember now that I have had a plan.
I have wanted some small kids to draw pictures on a wall with abandon like Harold, of course not in my house.
Do you have any plans to celebrate Easter?

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