Sunday, May 04, 2014

Jobs which might disappear in 2020 in Japan

I read a really astonishing report.
The jobs which might disappear in 2020 in Japan are written.
What do you think of it?

 1 train motormen, and conductors, because most of trains will be run automatically without men.
 2 cashiers at supermarkets, because most of tags will be read automatically
3 interpreters, and shorthand writers, interpreter  because automatic speech translation system will be introduced.
4 computer programmers because programing itself will be done automatically
5 mailmen now mails are delivered by post men, but other things are delivered by other home-delivery companies so probably mailmen are absorbed by such other delivery companies.
6 newspaper carriers, paperless period will come.
7 rental video shops, download system will be introduced.
8 gas station, we won't use much gas, so gas station itself won't be run, they will be absorbed by car dealers.
9 toll men, because ETC system will be completely introduced.
10 middle traders because dealing style will change into direct dealing.
11 farmers with a side job because only big farmers will be able to survive.
12 major electronic power companies because the period of electricity deregulation will come
13 companies associated with natural energy , they won't be able to survive without subsidy.
14 Upper house members, --- I don't know, but it can't be helped.
15full-time housewives --- really? Mothers will "have to" work to earn "more " money because of financial crisis
16 Japanese board members, because Japanese companies have to be globalized.
17 middle-level executives Only skilled executives will be able to survive as an office worker.
18 clerks at company offices -- to cut labor costs
19 secretaries -- to cut labor costs
20 call center operators -- don't need to operate in Japan
21 traveling salespeople -- Internet shopping will be main measure,
22 mold craft men-- automatically
23compaines associated with printers --paperless time will be come, so such companies will be difficult to survive
24 brokers -- don't need to be in Japan
25 hedge fund managers -- don't need to be in Japan
26 financial planers-- only skilled financial planers will be survived
27life insurance sales ladies --Life insurance companies won't be able to afford these people.
28 teachers-- the number of children is decreasing, so the number of teachers is also decreasing.
29 police officers who work at a police box  Convenience stores will be in charge of this job.

I think some jobs will disappear, but --- if it's true, it must be difficult to live for elderly people, it means "my" senior period.


Helen said...

I don't really think that all of those jobs will disappear. Some might, or might be reduced, but "automatic translation" don't work very well. I doubt that any automatic translator would be usable to translate visiting dignitaries' speeches for example. Humans are better at understanding tones and mood and humour than machines!

Rental stores, quite possibly. Many of the stores in Canada have shut down already. :-(

We'll always need teachers I think. Hopefully class sizes in Japan would get smaller...that would be better for students. (In my opinion!)'s an interesting list! Something to think about certainly. Thanks for posting it.

Mieko said...

Thanks Helen. I hope they won't disappear either. Though I use a computer, I like paper. It's difficult to catch ip with nowadays technic.