Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is your treasure?

The other day I attend a meeting. There are 8 participants, and they are in various generation. Probably I'm the second oldest person.
Well, whey we introduced ourselves, we had to talk about our treasure in one sentence.
It was really interesting.

The youngest man (from me he was a  boy), who is a college student and now he is a about to start his NGO group, said "All people, I want to make a world which is kind to all people."

The second youngest man said "My treasure is my parents."
A lady who is a mother said "I want to hear my child saying."

Another man said "my friends".
Another man , who is a writer said "my treasure is this pen".

The oldest lady said "my ground children"
The youngest lady who is a mother said " my son"

I was very interested in their opinion. I was surprised how different they are depends on the generation.

I don't know what my elder daughter would say. Is her treasure the environment she can keep her art? her works? her zeal for art? or her parents (it means us)?
And probably my younger daughter would say "my husband", and in two months it will be "my baby".

Anyway I realized, when kids start to say "my  treasure is my husband or my wife, or my child", it means they have left parents

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