Tuesday, June 17, 2014

an interesting idea

These days I'm into Chikirin blog.
Chikirin is a nickname, the author is a woman who seems to be in her 40's.
She exists an secret blogger, but she is really famous.
When I read her blog, I was very surprised and thought "In Japan we have such a woman, so our future might be not so bad". And I knew her blog has been very famous and she polished some books that caught a big hit. So I thought we have lots of readers who are fan of Chikirin like me, so we Japanese are still positive to our lives."

(These days watching and listening to our prime minister's opinion, I tend to be negative. Because the rich are getting richer, and the poor or the middle are getting poorer.)

Let me introduce a part of Chikirin's opinion
If you read Japanese, please check this site.

There are three types of people. Some people are good at thinking, some people are not good at thinking, and most of people are in the middle.

Some people who are good at thinking and achieve results are kind of genius.
Some people who are not good at acting with their intuition and achieve results are another genius.

So what usual people should do?
We try to combine thinking and acting. So we need lots of experience. If you think that you are not so good at thinking, you should go out and try something that other people surrounding you don't do.So you need to observe other pepole surrounding you.

If I were better at English, I would tell you her appealing opinion. ---I'm afraid I can't.

Now we are in a rainy season.

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