Sunday, June 29, 2014

New gadgets

Our second daughter M has stayed since last Tuesday. Our grandchild will come in July.
Well, well, new gadgets come in turn.
Yes our grandchild is a girl.
I get used to being alone at home, so to tell the truth, I feel sometimes troublesome, on the other hand she helps me (I'm very surprised to her, she never helped me when she was a child.) so our daily life is smooth.
She said an interesting thing to me.
"I noticed that the feelings were different when I came home from high school every day,when I came home from Tokyo on college vacation (at that time she lives with her sister in TOKYO), when I came home on vacation , and when I came home this time as a housewife."
I'm very happy to hear that, and I really noticed she has already independent from us. On the other hand she quited from work, so now she is dependent on her husband, but she seems to be able to stand on her legs.
I'm very proud of her.
 Well, well, now we are in Japanese apricot season. Japanese apricots are very sour and hard.
 So I simmered them with beer and sugar.
And do you know loquats called BIWA in Japanese.
I also got some loquats. They are not mature, so I made jam.
For a while there are three members, so we don't have enough leftover. It means I'm busy in cooking.

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