Thursday, July 31, 2014

Akari's case -1-

M and Akari are fine.
Well, I got some questions about childbirth in Japan.
Some people use FUTON to sleep. Futon is kind of mat and we put it on the floor (usually TATAMI floor) directly, some people use bed.
When our daughters were babies, they used to sleep in FUTON, but now they are getting used to bed.
So now M sleeps in bed in my house, and Akari sleeps in a small bed next to M.

In my generation, most of mothers used to use cloth diapers when their babies became 6 months.
Nowadays most of mothers use paper diapers. This is a trash box for paper diapers. It completely stops the smell. And we dispose them on the day of burnable garbage day which comes twice a week.

Fortunately M's breasts leaks milk, so she can breast-feed. She doesn't need to start work so early, so for a while she breasts feed. But not she is into breast-feeding, so she uses formulas. And of course we and her husband helps her to give milk by bottles.
Do you know this cushion? In my time, such cushion wasn't so popular. It is very useful  for new mothers to breast-feed, and sit down (because they feel pain under their bottom.)

  Well, M said an interesting thing. Before she became a mother, she said " I don't mind breast-feeding or using formula". In Japan many mothers tend to stick fast to breast-feed. But as soon as she became a mother, she understood why mothers stick fast to breast-feed.It comes from mother's instinct. She is surprised at herself who changed. And I'm also surprised that M suddenly has become a mother.
-- to be continued--

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