Monday, July 14, 2014

Do you know LEO LEONNI?

LEO LEONNI is a famous picture book writer in Japan. Some of his works are appear in school textbooks in Japanese or in English.

Now at Utsunomiya of my town, LEO LEONNI exhibition is being held. I'm very happy that such an exhibition is held in such a local city.

 Then, I attended a workshop with my high school student.
A high school in Utsunomiya won debating Japan contest last year, and the team attended "world school debating championship."  The team reported the championship. I'm also happy to hear that a local public high school team won a championship in Japan, and attended the world championship.
This March, the members graduated, but new members entered the team, and this year they won a right again to attend world school debating championship in Thailand. And one of the members used to be my student when he was an elementary school student.
These days some people say the difference of financial, education and etc, between big cities (especially TOKYO) and local cities is getting bigger. So I'm very glad to know that an interesting exhibition is held, and we have such a strong debating team.

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