Monday, July 21, 2014

Our grandchild doesn't come yet.

Well, last week, the doctor said "She might come this week". But she doesn't come yet, though her birthday is going to be 7/24. My daughter M seems to be tired of waiting her daughter.
The most important thing for her is to keep or to decrease her weight. So I have been cooking for her using vegetables and mainly fish. And it's troublesome to cook every meal, so I make homemade delicatessen. (I don't know how I call it. In Japanese it is called JYOUBI-sai.) They can keep for about three days in the fridge.

Today it is the first day of this week. So I cooked four dishes.
I flash-cooked NIRA-leaves and dipped them into DASHI (Japanese soup) and soy sauce.
I fried fish and marinated them with SHISO-leaves and MYOUGA.
I grilled eggplants and dipped them into DASHI.
I simmered plums with leftover wine and sugar.

Yesterday I did English picture book reading with our group members at the library. Though it is the three-day weekend, more than 10 families came. On the other hand my daughter and her husband went shopping. (because it is the three-day weekend, he is staying with us.)
So I'm free from cooking, Yuki and I went out for lunch.
It's my holiday.
I'm grinning to my self.
Because when two of us are at home, I often say "it's a little boring". But when four of people are at home , I say "it's troublesome".  Anyway I'm enjoying these unusual days.

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