Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do you know how to measure the amount of breast-milk?

Akari is almost breast-feeding.
But, M  worried whether her breast-milk was enough or not.
So I took her to the hospital to measure the amount of he beat-milk.

Do you know the way?
To tell the result, though 25 years passed since M was born, the way doesn't change.

A midwife of the hospital said "Come here with Akari before one and half hours  you want to give  you breast-milk to he".

And ---
First the midwife measured the weight of Akari.
Then M gave her breast-milk to Akari.
And as she finished doing it, the midwife measured the weight of Akari again.

What a --primitive or simple way it was!!!!

Anyway the amount of her breast-milk is enough. So she can almost breast-feed, though sometimes she bottle-feeds her. (And Yuki, I, or M's husband sometimes can do it.)

Now Akari is almost one-month old.
She can hold up her head little by little.

So when she is in a good mood, we try to read books.

As soon as we start to read, she starts to yawn.
And when we move on to the next book, she falls asleep.

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