Saturday, August 16, 2014


This week many people have one-week vacation, or 3-day vacation in Japan, it is OBON.
Yuki got one-week vacation. And M's husband got also one-week vacation. And our elder daughter T got 3-day vacation.
So during OBON in my house  there were 5 adults and one baby for three days.
Yuki got a good excuse to drink some kinds of alcohol. He usually drinks SHOUCYU to save household costs. Our elder daughter T drinks red wine a little. Our younger daughter is allowed to drink white wine a little. (I don't know who allowed he to drink alcohol.) Our son-in-law loves whiskey. And Yuki believes beer is necessary to welcome men. So Yuki was allowed to buy various alcohol, and drinks all of them.
When our mothers come to stay with us, we usually have dinner outside, but this time we don't go out.
So I cooked meat on a big pan (we call it HOTPLATE), and another day I was allowed by myself to buy some things at a restaurant and take out to our house. Most of the dishes in the photo are made by a popular French restaurant in Utsunomiya.(I made some of them.)
It's fun to eat with many people. We had a good OBON vacation.

Now Akari is sleeping on my lap. Our daughter and our grand child are staying with us for a while.

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