Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I bougnt it!

Now I'm writiing this diary with this keyboard. It was not so difficult to connet it to my Ipad. I could do it by my self.  I think it might take a little time for me to get used using it. Anyway using this, I will update my blog more. 

PS. It's not genuine, Yuki suggest tto buy genumine goods, but I didn't know whether it's  useful or not. So I tried it. I don't know whether it has the quality to last long 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finally I've started

For a long time I had been thinking how to use my collection books effectively.
I had often asked some people "will you try to use my books for free?".
But just few people showed the interest to my books.

Recently one of my friends, who is Canadian, and lives in my city started "MOTTAINAI group". I also joined them. And I started rental of boxes of English picture books. Not "lend out", I'll rent them for three months for 1000 yen. (Now I'm thinking whether deposit system is added or not, though my friend suggested this idea.)
Anyway some foreigners living in this city showed the interest of the boxes.
The books will be able to be used effectively, and  I'll be able to meet new people and join a new world.It's interesting.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

usual life has started

Akari has gone back to TOKYO. The life for two of Yuki and me has started again.
Our daughter had stayed with us for three months. If you are a foreigner, you think it's too long.
Before she came, I agreed with you.

But --- M was too nervous to start her life with her daughter in TOKYO. Around her she has no friends who has babies.

Though it is an old story --- in my case my mother came here to help me, and she stayed for only two weeks, after that Yuki went on a long business trip, and two months later, I had to start to go to work.
So I was really busy to prepare for working again, and I was also in a bad condition, so I went to the clinic every day. I had no time to become nervous.
--- BUT, my neighbors helped me -- I remembered.

Now the time seems to be different.
I go to KOSODATE-SARON which is a place for mothers and their babies, is not a nursery school as a volunteer, there are many mothers who seems to be lonely. I wanted to say that "don't be easy on yourself". --- but  my daughter felt loneliness too.
They seem to be happy to have babies, on the hand they look worried to stay home with babies as a house wife.

Working is important to be independent, on the other hand being mother is also a wonderful thing. So  please be proud of yourself who are being a house mother.
Does it make sense?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

tongue stew

This week is the last week for four of us (Yuki, M, Akari and me).
Next weekend, M's mother-in-law is going to come here and we'll celebrate about one month birthday of Akari, which is called OMIYA-MAIRI. So all of us are going to a shrine.
(Usually to celebrate happy things Japanese people go to a shrine, and to comfort our sadness or purify ourselves we tend to go to a temple --- I think.)
And M's family are going to "go back" to TOKYO, and their life with three will have started.

So this weekend was the last "lively" dinner with four of us, including AKARI though AKARI cannot eat yet. (Every weekend, M's husband comes here)

M's husband is from SENDAI, and SENDAI is famous for ox tongue. ( I don't know the reason.)
So M's mother-in-law presented us a block of tongue.
 For us it was an unusual thing. I know the quality, quantity and price must be wonderful. So I have to manage to cook it.
I searched the way of cooking a blog tongue on the net --- these days "net" is very useful, isn't it?
And I cooked.
Fist I boiled it with herbs. Then I cut it into "thick" pieces.(When we eat tongue stew at restaurant, the block is  small.)

 Then I boiled ed-wine to bun off alcohol.
Then I simmered tongue, vegetables, herbs and "the" wine instead of water.
I did it.
---- I'm afraid I forgot to take the photo of the finished tongue stew.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Full moon

Today it is the day of full moon, though we can't see the moon yet at 8 PM.
Do you have a custom to enjoy the full moon?
We have it, we decorate horse grass and have sweet dumplings.
So we get some horse grass at a super market nearby for free, and got two big dumplings.
Today Yuki came back early to have dinner with M and me, it's an unusual thing.
So I prepared Japanese dishes and Italian? dishes which are loved by M and Yuki.

Yuki got mussel's ???? " Mejillones Fritos en Escabeche con Aceite de Oliva" ( we don't understand it), anyway it's canned food. It was his today's special.
M really wants to eat garlic, so we made shrimp "ajillo".
For two things, good French bread was necessarily, so we got one at a good baker which is a little bit far from our house.

I hope we would see the full moon clearly.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

September has come

Our daughter and Akari are staying with us. They are going to go back to TOKYO on September 20. There are only 20 days for us to spend with our daughter and Akari.
Of course I love Akari. But what I feel  is  that it is the time for my daughter M to leave us truly. I have a strange feeling. Our elder daughter seems to have left home naturally, though she still lives next to my mother's house. On the other hand in T's case we seem not to have decided to let her leave from this house. When she went to TOKYO to study, she lived with her sister, and after she decided to marry, she started to live with her husband. So she has no experience to live alone.
For these three months we are talking lots and we each other seem to decide to go each way.

Last weekend, M's husband came to stay with us. So I grilled chicken. Recently when we have guests, we usually go out to eat dinner, but now we can't. So I cooked.
M seems to have own relax time these days. So she sometimes make crafts.
She drew a picture book for Akari.
She made simple mobiles.