Monday, September 08, 2014

Full moon

Today it is the day of full moon, though we can't see the moon yet at 8 PM.
Do you have a custom to enjoy the full moon?
We have it, we decorate horse grass and have sweet dumplings.
So we get some horse grass at a super market nearby for free, and got two big dumplings.
Today Yuki came back early to have dinner with M and me, it's an unusual thing.
So I prepared Japanese dishes and Italian? dishes which are loved by M and Yuki.

Yuki got mussel's ???? " Mejillones Fritos en Escabeche con Aceite de Oliva" ( we don't understand it), anyway it's canned food. It was his today's special.
M really wants to eat garlic, so we made shrimp "ajillo".
For two things, good French bread was necessarily, so we got one at a good baker which is a little bit far from our house.

I hope we would see the full moon clearly.

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