Tuesday, September 02, 2014

September has come

Our daughter and Akari are staying with us. They are going to go back to TOKYO on September 20. There are only 20 days for us to spend with our daughter and Akari.
Of course I love Akari. But what I feel  is  that it is the time for my daughter M to leave us truly. I have a strange feeling. Our elder daughter seems to have left home naturally, though she still lives next to my mother's house. On the other hand in T's case we seem not to have decided to let her leave from this house. When she went to TOKYO to study, she lived with her sister, and after she decided to marry, she started to live with her husband. So she has no experience to live alone.
For these three months we are talking lots and we each other seem to decide to go each way.

Last weekend, M's husband came to stay with us. So I grilled chicken. Recently when we have guests, we usually go out to eat dinner, but now we can't. So I cooked.
M seems to have own relax time these days. So she sometimes make crafts.
She drew a picture book for Akari.
She made simple mobiles.


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