Wednesday, September 24, 2014

usual life has started

Akari has gone back to TOKYO. The life for two of Yuki and me has started again.
Our daughter had stayed with us for three months. If you are a foreigner, you think it's too long.
Before she came, I agreed with you.

But --- M was too nervous to start her life with her daughter in TOKYO. Around her she has no friends who has babies.

Though it is an old story --- in my case my mother came here to help me, and she stayed for only two weeks, after that Yuki went on a long business trip, and two months later, I had to start to go to work.
So I was really busy to prepare for working again, and I was also in a bad condition, so I went to the clinic every day. I had no time to become nervous.
--- BUT, my neighbors helped me -- I remembered.

Now the time seems to be different.
I go to KOSODATE-SARON which is a place for mothers and their babies, is not a nursery school as a volunteer, there are many mothers who seems to be lonely. I wanted to say that "don't be easy on yourself". --- but  my daughter felt loneliness too.
They seem to be happy to have babies, on the hand they look worried to stay home with babies as a house wife.

Working is important to be independent, on the other hand being mother is also a wonderful thing. So  please be proud of yourself who are being a house mother.
Does it make sense?

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