Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The renovation has finished

It was long. Anyway the renovation of our kitchen has finished. I discarded lots of things. Fortunatley some dishes are still used at a restauant nearby. Some coffee cups are used at my friends house. So some things were recycled. I'm glad to do it.

 Anway Yuki and I "have to " keep this clean & simple kitchen.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our kitchen is being renovated.

Since this Monday the renovating of our kitchen has started. It will take about three weeks.
This spring suddenly the kitchen floor rose. A man worked for a home builder took a look, he said "probably dampness for long years". It has been 29 years since this house was built. So we decided to renovate our kitchen.


Fortunately the basement had no damage.
In an old house, sometimes termites attack, or dampness gets a big damage. Our basement is OK.
For one week, all basic renovating was finished. But for a while we don't still use the kitchen. So we are camping at home --- sometimes. It means we often go out for lunch, dinner with just reason.
Of course tonight we'll go out for lunch to the restaurant nearby.