Monday, November 17, 2014


A new week has started.
How was your weekend?

Last week Akari and her mother ( my daughter) was staying with us,  now she can almost hold up her neck, so it' s easy to hold her and hold her on my back.
Have you ever held a baby on your back?
These days young mothers don't do that, though if she has more than two babies she must do it.
I wonder if I could hold her on my back or not. But my body remembered. So I could hold her back on my back naturally.
Here in Utsunomiya, it's getting cold, especially early morning, and evening. Of course it's very cold at night. Can you see the pink cape? It was knitted by "me" for my "daughters". I seldom do such things. So I kept it for my memory. And this time it works again. I'm very happy, and I'm pround of myself.

These days some interesting things happend. Since my younger daughter M got independent, she had been against me, and had seldom contacted with me and Yuki, but since she had a baby, she did a one-eighty. She started to respect me. It's wonderful, though I don't know how long such attidute will last.

Have a nice week.

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