Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Somone always comes.

When I read today's news paper, I grinned naturally. These days the number of people who reads newspaper is decreasing. And main people who subscribe newspaper are more than 40 years old. So the reports about senior people are naturally increasing. I like such reports.
Today a man who is 70 years old put his comment about one of his usual days.

He and her wife were going to go out somewhere because it was a calm day.
When they were going to go out, a (senior) lady came with a small pot of food, so they invited her to their house and had a chat for a while.
Then they were going to go out again, but another (senior) lady came , so they also invited her to their house, and his wife was listening to the lady's "complains". and he also was watching their conversation.

He wrote "All of them including my wife had a good smile after their talking. And I was also satisfied with their smile. So we gave up going out the day. It was a nice day. Fortunately someone always come to my wife, I think why women likes talking so much, but I like this style."

I also like the style. When I get much older, I hope someone always come to visit us.

Today I cooked DAIKON, and share with my two adults students.

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