Monday, December 08, 2014

December has started.

I put Chirstmas ornaments on the shelf in the entrance hall. Most ornamnets were made by my daughters, and me when I was a young mother. 

These days we get such ornaments easily at 100 yen shop. So we can easily enjoy Christmas.
When I was a young mother, though I'm not good with my hands I had to make handicrafts. I didn't like that. Now it's easy to get a smock for kindergarten kids.
Well, well, my mother used to say the same thing.
She is not good with her hands yet, or she can't sew clothes. At that time, most closes were sewn by mothers. So she asked to sew our clothes to mother-in-law, or her friends. She says it's easy to buy clothes at reasonable cost. And another senior lady said that it's easy to cook using microwave, she is not good at cooking.

These days I got something fresh.
I got apples. But my younger daughter M (she comes with AKARI ( my ground child) again. saying "I, Akari and even Youichi-kun (her husband) have caught a cold.  We (Akari and M) won't get worse.) can't eat fresh apples because of she has an allergy to apple-enzyme. So I baked big pancake. in Japan we call it big HOTCAKE.

I got fresh DAIKON; Japanese radish. So I stewed it with KONBU which is a kind of seaweed. And dip sweet MISO.

This is  MAZESOBA, it's not RAMEN or Chinese noodle. It doesn't have soup. so it looks like spaghetti. I got this special noodle . it's Yuki's favorite. So Yuki cooked it.

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