Saturday, December 20, 2014


lThis week my students and I enjoyed making Christmas sweets house. These days "Hexenhaus" or Gingerbread house is getting popular in Japan Some families enjoy making one, or actually I can buy one at a cake-shop nearby, which has started to sell one sine two years ago. Last year  I bought one, every one enjoyed seeing it, but it was difficult to find the day to eat it up. All students wanted to "deconstruct" it and of course to eat it.

So this year I decided to make all students to make their own house.

 These are log-house version.

 These are simple version.
  This is  the easiest version.

 you see a gate on the left house? It's a new year version.

Thanks to Jan, her present, sprinkle-set , made the craft more fun.
Our Christmas lessons are finished.

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