Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year -1-

Happy New Year!
Yuki and my new year's holiday was finished. It started noisily and finished calmly.
On the New Year's Eve, all members of my family gathered. Probably it was the first time for 4 members to gather. When my daughters were here with us, my mother came to stay with us. So at that time there were five adults in this house. Since my daughters left home, they liked to spend the New Year's Eve with their friends or their boy friend in TOKYO, so there had been three adults in this house. This time it was different. My mother didn't come, because my elder brother are living with her. He divorced himself and came back to her. So she is really busy "taking care of her important son", though she is about 80.  My elder daughter T also broke up with her boyfriend. So she chose to spend the Eve with us. And my younger daughter M --- in her case she has to spend her husbands and her mother-in-law ( it's the opinion of our generation), however, her baby is very young, and her mother-in-law is not in good condition, so she and her husband chose to spend the Eve separately.  Can you see the beef? It is present from M's mother-in-law. We had a great dinner thanks to her.
 On the  New Year's day, we could see a beautiful sunrise from our house. And we eat OSECHI made by me and went shopping to buy surprised bags.

It means --- Yuki and I were taking care of AKARI at  a baby play space while M and T were shopping.( Additionally next day, Yuki went to buy his surprised bag of golf goods.)

And on 3, we left for TOKYO to visit my mother, Yuki's mother with my daughters.


Anonymous said...

What's a surprise bag? I'm not familiar with it at all... :)

Mieko said...

it is called "fuku bukuro", which is a sealed lucky bag. We don't know what are inside before we open it. Usually we get more things than we usually buy at usual cost. So we are surprsed at looking at the inside, and we consider us to be luckey. Sometimes we get unnecessary things, but in Yuki's case all of things are related into golf, so all of them are necessary Lucky Yuki!