Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy New Year -2-

On 3, there were only two members , Yuki and me, as usual. It was a really calm day.
I was really surprised to myself. Usually after I separated from my daughters, I felt really sad. I have sometimes cried on my way home from Tokyo in the car. But this time, I was really satisfied, and calm. Finally I seem to accept their independence (though my elder daughter is not completely independent financially)

We, Japanese have a custom to go to shrine during the New Year's holiday. So we visited a shrine where is on a top of a small mountain, it takes 30 minutes by car. And there we can toll the big bell. Of rouse Yuk and I tolled the bell in turn.


Next day, we went downtown. DEZOMESHI was hold, it was the parade and show by Utsunomia fire fighting members.  Can you see the ladder? It was great and seeing the ladders from the ground it had a tremendous impact.
A traditional show was also hold using a traditional ladder.  It was the first time to see these shows. --
The reason is that Yuki didn't go playing golf, though he went to practice playing golf. It is --- unusual. (However, next weekend, and next next weekend he is going to go playing golf.)

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