Wednesday, January 07, 2015

It was a good day.

Usual days have started. Yesterday it was my birthday. It is the last year to be 50 rounded off. (Additionally I'll say that I'm still 50 rounded down to the 10)  - Do these sentences make sense?
I got this flower basket from my company. Since I started this branch school under this company, more than 10 years passed. When I got this flower basket, I was not so interested, but these days when I get new one each year I'm very satisfied with my job.

It was a usual day, but I had no class and had no appointment with my friends. So I spend all day alone.

In the morning I did house chores, and tried cooking a new thing. It was "whole Japanese orange with syrup".  It was easy. Peel the skin by hands (Japanese oranges are really soft so it's easy to peel the skin), and boil three minutes with a teaspoon of Baking Powder. After that I soaked them in the syrup. Perfect. Yuki and I had it this morning for our breakfast.

And after that I had lunch by myself, and --- I called a spa nearby and had a facial treatment. It was the first time, and it was a birthday present from me to me. It's a little bit expensive.  I got this present from the salon.

And I was going to have dinner by my self, however unexpectedly Yuki came home earlier than usual. So --- of course I didn't cook, we went out a restaurant nearby, and celebrate my birthday with SAKE under our family budget.
It was a good day.




Helen said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Happy Birthday Mieko.

I often buy myself a present for my birthday too, so good for you :-)

Mieko said...

Thanks , Helen. I wonder how many times I present something to me in a year? Only my birthday?