Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My small concert has been done!

Though I cut my thumb, I could play the piano. So I have done my small concert at KARAKU tea room. To be surprised yesterday KARAKU was full of people. Some people came to listen me, and coincidentally some people left after their lunch when they knew that a concert was about to be  soon. It was  a rare thing. After that I had a delicious cake with coffee.
Did I tell you? I decided to stop some volunteer activities from April. On the other hand I have played the piano at Karaku for more than 10 years without getting money (though I have this sweet set for free). I got a chance to play the piano. Lucky me. It's not a voluntary work. So probably I'll continue to do it as the master continues to run the tearoom, though he is about 70.

Well, well, today it's Wednesday, in the middle of the week. It is the day to cook JYOUBISAI (pre-cooked dishes for the last three weekdays??).
I made stewed DAIKON and chicken with soy sauce, marinated grilled pumpkin and NEGI radish, and steamed potatoes tasted with MISO.

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