Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sunny day

Fortunately the snow didn't accumulate. We have spent a usual life.
In the morning, after usual morning chores, I cooked three dishes for my three-day meals. We call them "JYTOUBI-SAI". How do you call them? They are kind of stock homemade dishes. These days my younger daughter who is also an inexperienced mother, started to show interest to these dishes. I'm so surprised at it in good meaning. She used to be a person only to eat something, but now she seemed to changed into a person to make something. ( Of course she has to cook but for her it was not so interesting, but now she has an interest in cooking. What a transformation.)
Yesterday it was SETSUBUN in Japan. When we lived here with four members, at the night we did an event of throwing beans shouting "demons out and luck in". Of course Yuki rolled Demon. If I had a lesson last night I would have rolled Demon. Yesterday I had no lesson, no guests. I was alone. So I decided to enjoy SETSUBUN by myself.
I went to a shrine in downtown, and watched an event of "MAMEMAKI". They threw various and trivial things like groves, tissues, snack, like that. I got tissues and groves. I also got a small round rice cake which is a traditional thing for this event.  
Of course I dropped by a cafe. Once I go out somewhere, I always droop by a cafe. This time I dropped by a Japanese sweet cafe and had "OSHIRUKO" which is a kind of sweet soup made by red beans. It suited to SETSUBUN.

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