Monday, April 27, 2015

a vegetarian couple came

Finally I could invite a Indian couple who are completely vegetarian (it means the wife cannot eat eggs.)
One years has passed since we (Yuki and I) became friends with them. We ate out together at an Indian restaurant, they invited us for tea and dinner. I could invite them for just tea. However I hadn't invited them to our house, because I didn't have confidence to cook something for them.
These days I found this perfect the stock for strict vegetarians. So I decided to cook something for them and invite them.
And I tried using spices as much as I could.
Channa beans curry, -- I made curry, however for them it was between curry and tomato soup. But anyway they seemed to be happy to have it.
Potato gratin with soy milk, --  it became their favorite. I used fresh rosemary to taste it.
Marinated kidney beans with fresh onion.
flash-cooked green leaves with Miso (made by soy beans) paste
Marinated NEGI (kind of green onion)
strawberry punch using soda and acerola juice instead of wine.
This winter they are going back to India. Because of their style, they have little chance to be invited to Japanese house (soy sauce is not their favorite either), it's sad. So I'm happy to have  welcomed them to our house, and have enjoyed dining.

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