Thursday, April 09, 2015

I found a perfect poem.

Do you know AIDA-MITSUO? He is a very very popular poet.
Coincidentally I read this book after so long.

I found this poem.

Just Being There

Just being there
You brighten the space around you

Just being there
You warm the hearts of those who know you

Just being there
You so softly bring peace of mind to others

It is the person you are
That I long to become

It might to be difficult to make the last sentence real, however, this poem suits to my grandchild "Akari".

While she come to stay with us, she often cries. It makes us annoyed. But once she left here, we always remind her smiling face.

In May, she will come  --- and after she leave here again, I will remain this poem again.


Rosa said...

Little Akari is so adorable. You must be a very proud grandma.

I wish I could skip the mother part and just go straight to the grandmother part. But I think it isn't possible!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your good words.
Yes, if we could skip mother's period and go to the grandmother's part --- it would be fun.
Please let me add one more sentence, if we would go straingt to the gandmother part while keeping enough energy --- it would be fun. It's too heavy to hold a ten month baby.