Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It's in April, isn't it?


When I got up, roofs were covered with snow. And --- it has been snowing.
Today, it is the first day for junior high school students to go to school. How poor they are!!!

Finally I finished reading this book  Yuki and I try to lessen the numbers of books in our book shelves.
Some books are not read by two of us. This is one of them.
The title is "Japanese faith" (or the religious devotion, but this word sounds strong.)

To tell the truth, this book was very difficult for me, so I just scanned most of pages.
This book is not written about religion like Buddhism, and Shinto.
Japanese faith comes from rice culture. Rice is gotten under marvelous nature system with ground, enough water and four seasons. We can be alive only rice. So our faith of root is nature.
On the other hand  under bread culture, it's difficult to get enough wheat, so they need meat , it means hunting is necessary. The attitude of hunting means to persuade something, to seek something, so their faith of root is one strong God.
This is the contents I understood.
It was interesting.
It is still snowing.  In the afternoon my lesson starts.

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