Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jan came --2

Utsunomiya is in Tochigi prefecture which have a famous world heritage sight "Toshougu shrines and temples". So if the guest interests to the big, famous and traditional shrines or temples, I take them there.
But if the guest interests an old traditional house, I take here.
This roof is made by straw, and it's 250 years old. The most interesting thing is that it has been used -- it is preserved as a gallery.
This house is big, because it was the house of the headman of this area. About 250 years ago which means in Edo era, the headman was a landlord and farmers were hired, so farmers were used to be poor. But now most farmers have their own land, so they are landlords and farmers, it means Japanese farmers are not so poor, though their work has been tough since ancient period.

This fireplace has been used now. The smoke helps protecting against bugs in the straw roof.

As I said this house is used as a gallery.

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