Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jan came -3

I had prepared some foods which are eaten in at least 4 days before Jan came.
I thought that we will go out so often, so I won't have enough time to cook.
She said they are like food for the Sabbath day. ( though I don't know the detail, some people who belong to a religious group, have a day not to cook once a week? )
The big difference is that the Sabbath day is only one day. So they eat all dishes which are prepared the day before on the day. We had to eat at least three times every day -- because I didn't cook enough.
I used the word "had to", it includes the feeling that it's leftover.
On the other hand, I don't think it's leftover. I just wan to eat them little by little each day.
Because they are kind of appetizer.
It's a kind of culture difference.
Additionally I also cooked a pot of curry. Yuki and I liked to eat it for two days, but when we eat it for three days, it means the curry of the last day is "leftover".
I hope you understand what I want to write.

Today I also cooked these dishes for our. So I don't need cook many things at once. They give my (mainly) lunch and dinner more colors and appetizer, though I "have to " or "can" eat these food until this weekend.

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