Monday, April 13, 2015

Mountain cherry blossoms

It is a big mountain cherry blossom tree.

They are usually cherry blossom trees.
Borh of them are fully in bloom.
Do you understand the difference of two situations in bloom.

Usually cherry blossoms first put flowers and next the leaves starts to come out.
So we see perfect pink trees when they are fully in bloom.

When we see leaves and flowers, it means it starts to fall.

Last Saturday Yuki and I went to see SYOUGUN cherry bloosoms, but what we saw was a tree with flowers and leaves. So we thought we were to late to enjoy it in bloom. However it was wrong. Coinedently a man who is familier with nature was there, he said " You are lucky, today this tree is fully in bloom." and he said " This is a mountain cherry blossom tree, so it starts flowers and leaves."

If he weren"t there, we would have felt the day as an unlucky day, but we were very happy to see full of the mountain cheery blossom tree.
And on the way back home, we also see full of usual cherry blossom trees.

Well this week, our important friend Jan come to stay with us. I may not have time to update this blog, but if I have, I try to update via my i-pone.


emiramieko said...

the cherry blossom is really pretty! eventhough its already spring here in canada, the weather is still cold.

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, yes the Cherryblossoms were very beautiful. The season has gone. I had a good memory this spring.