Monday, May 25, 2015

Go into the retirement life

I bought this small magazine, the title is (probably in English) "go to the retirement life". The target generation of this book is in their 40's and 50's. So this magazine is really suitable for us.
Have you ever read such of this book?  Or, do you have such kinds of books in your country? Or have you seen such kinds of books your parents read?
The contents are mainly financial plans. Try to check current budget, consider about future life budget. Try to calculate how much you will get from pensions and other things....etc.
Only flipping pages gives us (Yuki and me) headaches. Oh, it's wrong. Only I feel a headache. Yuki says " Que Sera Sera"
More than 36 years passed since we knew each other.
When he was a college student, for a year he rent a small apartment. The day to pay the rent was coming, he managed to find a one-night job such a guardsman and paid the rent.
I don't say he is careless with money, however he is not a good planner about money.
On the other hand I'm stingy.
Well, it's is one reason why our marriage has been kept. We are probably in a good balance.
To tell the truth it is the second time to buy this kind of book.
I bought this book 3 years ago.  At that time I reconsidered our budget. However in these three years, my daughter married, moved and had a baby, our kitchen broke, and our garden needed to be organized. --- I gave up thinking about saving money.
Now it's the second opportunity to think about our budget.
Can you guess what I went straight to do.
I decided to prevent the decrease in the number of students in my class, (not need the decrease).
So for three days I put a flier of my English school in each post of houses nearby. I did 400 sheets.
I don't know  whether someone comes  and join us, but I want to show that "I still continue to run my English school."

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