Friday, May 08, 2015

GW has finished

Before writing about the latter half of GW, GW has finished. Now I spent usual days, though I'm not used to doing usual house chores.

The main character of our latter half of GW was , of course, AKARI. She came to here Utsunomiya  from TOKYO, and spend four days with us. However during her stayin she visited our mothers in TOKYO by car, it means she went to TOKYO (or returned to TOKYO), but she came back here by car, and the last day of GW she and her mother went back their home in TOKYO by "bullet train".

Now she eats foods like "senior" adults, it means she can eat soft foods, so "I" had to cook something for her, it means during her staying we didn't go out to restaurants. --- probably when she comes next time, she will be able to eat everything as well as adults, so we might go out to eat something.

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