Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One week has passed!

One week has passed since I updated this blog last time.
These days we sometimes have sometimes "hot" days, on the other hand we sometimes "cool" (or "cold for me) days. So I had the first "cool noodle" the last week. cool (or cold ) noodle is one of summer delicacy here in Japan. Additionally, there are two types, soy sauce taste and sesame taste. I love soy sauce taste.
Now here in Utsunomiya  a rose season has come. (Probably the most beautiful season is until next week), One of my friends, who is crazy into gardening is opening to her garden to people who love gardening. I'm not such a person, but I'm her friend, so I visit her garden to "appreciate" her flowers (though I sometimes go to her house to talk with her.)
Last Sunday and yesterday, they were volunteering days for me. I did some activities at the local library.

And -- Yuki came back from one week business trip to Korea. The souvenir is Korean seaweed. It's different from Japanese seaweed. So I was kind enough to grill fish which is suitable to rice for our breakfast. (having seaweed is suitable to rice, and having rice is suitable to grilled fish.)

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