Thursday, May 28, 2015

the 4th curry restarant

Today I had curry at an Nepalese restaurant for lunch with my friends who go to gym.
This week it was the first time for me to go to gym.
And it is the last week in May, it means it is  a day for  our once-a month lunch with my friends.
(Or you can say I have to go to gym to eat lunch with them.)
I go to gym usually by car or sometimes by bike, a woman goes to gym usually by bike, and another woman goes to gym usually by car. So we usually have lunch nearby at the gym.
This area is called by local people " curry street".
First a Nepalese restaurant opened, next a Pakistan restaurant opened, next an Indian restaurant opened, and this time another Nepalese restaurant opened. All of them serve mainly curry.
I don't know why so many curry restaurant opened 3km around .
Anyway I had good lunch.

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