Saturday, May 02, 2015

the first half of Golden week

Here it looks summer, however---
The first day of Golden week (Yuki got 7 days-off), we went to Toyama prefecture and visited  Tateyama-Kurobe alpen route ---- by lots of cable cars and bus instead of climbing.
It was about 3 degrees C, so we put on a down jacket.
And we visited Kurobe dam.
Then, we climb down to the next prefecture Nagono.
We visited the famous temple ZENKOUJI.
Now it is the season of GOKAICYOU , which is hold once every 7 years. So we were lucky to be able to visit there, and touch the main pole, and see the main stature.

Now Akari and M comes, so I have to cook dinner for them. The last half of Golden week, we'll go to Tokyo to visit our mothers and see our elder daughter T.

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