Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The noisy GW seems to be far away. This week Yuki is in Korea, so I'm staying at home alone.This house is very quiet.
Last weekend Yuki (before he went to Korea) and I went to a rural area to see this small event which is called "healthy market". Because "he" hold his "small small" store ( I thought he would have a tent but it was a parasol). "He " was Mr.Kobayashi who grows vegetables without pesticide) in the rural town ICHIKAI. I buy a box of vegetables ( I can't chose the kinds) every week from him.
He was grown up in TOKYO, and studied environmental ???? in America for five years ( it means he couldn't graduate the college), and came to TOCHIGI to learn agriculture, and decided to make money selling his vegetables.
He bought land and rent land for his vegetables, and little by little the number of customers is increasing. Mainly he send his vegetables to TOKYO.
However he doesn't earn enough money yet, ----
On the other hand he is very busy in weeding so he doesn't have time to spend money. So he seems to be happy.
We love him.

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