Thursday, May 14, 2015

What was your dream when you were a child?

Yesterday a senior lady came to take my lesson or you can say, talk with me.
She wants to speak English more fluently, but it's really difficult. Why????? the reason is because of lack of her English vocabulary? It might be a reason.

However --- We (it means she, I and most senior ladies) are not good at finding some topics to talk with somebody or introduce to someone.

So I decided to make a time for her to do one-minute speech in "Japanese".
I made about 100 topic cards. And I let her draw a card.

Yesterday's card was "What was your dream when you were a child?"

She tried speaking something --- however--- for most one minutes --"well, well, well,---".
She tried  a few times, and finally she managed to do one minute speech. Alright!

 well, well, here in this blog I try to do the same thing.

I don't remember my dream  I would think when I was a child. Probably-- when I was an elementary school student I wanted to be a pianist, because at that time I was into playing the piano, and I was the best piano player at school. ( too proudly?)
And when I was a junior high school student, probably I wrote in the graduation writings " I'll be a scientist", because I had a good score in math and science, ( it means I "hated" Japanese and social studies.)

Looking back I have been a very realistic person since I was little.
I always chose something among things I can do well.

I heard that an astronaut had had dream to go the space since he was a little when no one went to the space. He had a big dream, and pursued it.
There is a famous proverb "Boys, be ambitious".

The bigger you ambition is, the bigger world you live in.

However it's really difficult to have big ambitious.
How do adults let kids to have big ambition? These days I always think.

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